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Welcome to eSwag Web Design

We design Websites that work for you.


Welcome to eSwag Web Design

eSwag Web Design is your source for quality website contruction and maintenance. But we don't just build websites, we can help you tailor your entire online presence.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Responsive Web Design

With so many different devices today, you need a website that works well on desktops as well as mobile devices.

Social Media Communications

Get Results with Social Media

We can help you leverage the power of Social Media to increase your exposure on the Web.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services get you results

Search engines are constantly learning and evolving as search providers try to give their users a more personal experience. We stay with the trends, but we use what works. Creating quality content.

Be ready for the Mobile Web

You need a website that works on ALL devices.

Affordable Prices

We make web design affordable by cutting out the middle man.

24 hour Service

If there is a problem, don't worry. We are here to help you get up and running.

Custom Graphics

We can create custom graphics for all your web and print needs.

HTML5 and CSS3

Websites using the latest standards in Web Design and validated with W3C.

Google Analytics

View your website's traffic with tools from Google and Bing.

Video tutorials coming soon!

eSwag will be releasing a video series that will help you if you have chosen to manage your content with a CMS.

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eSwag Web Design Services Modern Web Design


From a basic website to an online store, eSwag Web Design has got you covered. We can even build you a website that you can manage with little help from us. Using really user friendly Content Management Systems (CMS), you can upload content, write articles, list products and more without having to call your “web” guy or gal. Don’t have time to manage a website? No problem! We can handle the whole thing. Just supply us with the important information and we can get you up and running in no time.


We do more than just build websites. We can help you create quality, relevant content for all of your advertising campaigns. No job is too small for eSwag Web Design. From flyers to presentations, we can provide you with material for your multi-media needs.

Want to start a Social Media Campaign or need a new website?

Just send us an email. We can talk about your needs and see what we can do to meet them. Message Us

No Hidden Fees

You know the costs before we get started. There are no surprizes, no hidden fees and no going over budget or drawn out deadlines. We tellyou everything up front and we look for every way to maximize your investment.

Some web design companies offer 'Free' websites and Facebook pages. Do you honestly think they are genuine? Even the commercials are staged! Seems like they could easily find REAL CLIENTS if the service was that good. You really need to know you can trust a company that controls your website and social media. We promise we will never hold your Domain, website, Facebook Page or anything else from you. We make sure, all along the way, that you maintain control of your online presence.

Top Notch Customer Service

If you ever have an issue, we are always there. In most cases, you will speak directly to the designer in charge of your project. No middle-man, no hard to understand service reps. Just us, here for you.

We are in the Macon Georgia area, so business hours are EST. But if there is an emergency, you can contact us 24 hours a day. Experience a higher level of service with eSwag Web Design. We do not contract out our customer service so you never have to worry about getting the run-around.

We do Web Design|Graphics|Audio & Video Production|Logos|Social Media Campaigns|Photography & Photo Restoration


Optimized for Mobile & Touch Enabled Devices.

Our Websites are built using the latest in Internet Standards and innovations to Web Browsers and Operating Systems. This allows our websites to work across multiple devices. Smartphones, apps and constant connectivity have forever changed the way we get information. With the world in our pockets, we use our devices more and more to shop, search for services or goods. Your website needs to work on those devices or you will loose relevance.

High Resolution graphics, images and videos for today's displays

The quality of device displays are amazing these days. That means the graphics, videos and images on your website need to be just as amazing. But just adding pictures to your site isn't that simple. They must be optimized for top quality and download speed.


We can help you with nearly all of your media needs!

From websites and custom graphics to photo restoration and video editing, we can handle your media.

Put our years of experience to work for you!

Our services are backed with real world experience and years of technical training in media communications, graphic design and information technology.